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Secretary of State - Register to Vote
Information for Government Employees at Edwards AFB, CA
Attempting to enjoy the freedom of speech guaranteed by
the Constitution civil servants swear to uphold and defend!

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Union Violates the Membership
New Bylaws disqualify 99%
of members from elected office

Bylaws leave AFGE open to charges of electoral fraud
and vote rigging.  Despotic blunder so outrageous even
union members begin to wake up and take notice. 

Free, Fair, & Regular Elections:
Essential Principles from Democracy web

George Bounds Speaks:
Bylaws violate Federal Labor Law
Potential Candidates Stepping Up
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List of Rumors
AFGE Election Manual

Have you received your nomination or election notice?
Will the local leadership pull something SHADY?

"Do timely issue a dated nomination notice by publication, posting, emailing, and/or mailing.  If posted, do get a copy to members who are not at the worksite, including retirees."